KPI OceanConnect, Titan Clean Fuels, and SFL Collaborate on Milestone LNG Bunkering Operation

[London, 05/12/23] – KPI OceanConnect, has collaborated with Titan Clean Fuels, and SFL to successfully complete the company’s first LNG bunkering operation for the newly built car carrier, the Emden, taking place in the Port of Emden.

Executing an LNG cool down and bunkering operation entails different challenges, often requiring more time-consuming and detailed processes compared to a conventional fuel supply, including compatibility assessments between the receiving vessel and the LNG bunkering vessel. The success of the operation performed by Titan with the collaboration of KPI OceanConnect and SFL, highlights the flexibility and efficiency of all parties, and their shared commitment to ensuring a smooth bunkering process. Trusting in each other and continuing to be adaptable meant each stakeholder was able to play a pivotal role in guaranteeing the execution of the supply operation.

Michael Schaap, Commercial Director, Titan, commented: “Demand for LNG is rising as it is becoming a mainstream fuel since it is widely available today and enables ship operators to reduce emissions now. This operation highlights our commitment to consistently serve our clients as a trustworthy provider of cleaner fuels and we look forward to continuing to enhance our LNG and bio-LNG bunkering capabilities as the market grows, enabling us to supply (bio)LNG to even larger vessels.

Jesper Sørensen, Global Head of Alternative Fuels and Carbon Markets, KPI OceanConnect, commented: “We are incredibly proud of the trust displayed in us by a forward-thinking owner such as SFL, and delighted to have partnered with a world-class supplier, Titan, to complete this supply of 3,000 CBM of LNG. This significant achievement underscores KPI OceanConnect’s unwavering commitment to supporting the growing role of LNG in the shipping industry’s energy transition. The operation marks our inaugural LNG deal for a car carrier – testament to the company’s dedication to advancing sustainability through partnerships up and down the supply chain.

Sørensen continued, “partnership plays a key role, not just in the development of future alternative fuels, but also in the delivery of those already available in the market. Cooperation between fuel providers and buyers in the market is essential to supporting capacity growth and, crucially, immediately reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the industry.

The three companies collectively recognise LNG as a crucial component of the future fuel mix for the maritime industry. LNG offers substantial environmental benefits, with potential GHG emission reductions of up to 23% on a well-to-wake basis and depending on engine technology. Notably, LNG achieves nearly total reduction in local SOx emissions and particulate matter, and up to a 95% reduction in NOx emissions.

As KPI OceanConnect, Titan Clean Fuels, and SFL take this step towards delivering sustainable shipping, they remain dedicated to shaping the future of maritime energy solutions, contributing to a cleaner and more environmentally responsible industry.

About KPI OceanConnect
KPI OceanConnect is one of the world’s largest and most experienced independent marine energy service and solutions providers. For more than 50 years, KPI OceanConnect has been fuelling global trade through its partnership approach, innovative solutions, and ability to expertly guide its clients through new and evolving challenges.

By combining the expertise of its global workforce with market-leading technology, innovation, and financial strength, KPI OceanConnect creates long-term value for its partners. KPI OceanConnect is a trusted leader in the transition to low carbon energy and is committed to providing solutions to enhance the shipping industry’s contribution to a cleaner and healthier planet.

KPI OceanConnect’s teams of experienced professionals deliver trusted expert counsel from offices in Athens, Doha, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Houston, Istanbul, Jakarta, London, Miami, Middelfart, New York, Rotterdam, Seattle, Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo.

About Titan
Titan Clean Fuels is a leading, independent, physical supplier of low-emission, zero-emission and net-zero fuels, such as LNG, LBM, and in the future hydrogen-derived e-methane. It is an accredited clean fuel bunker provider which has been at the forefront of global developments in the clean fuels sector for more than 10 years. Titan Clean Fuels is incorporated under the laws of The Netherlands and its head office is in Amsterdam. It is Titan Clean Fuels’ mission to contribute to an environmentally sustainable future by supplying clean fuels to industrial customers, the transport and the marine sector.


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