GREENER SHIPPING SUMMIT 2019 “At the Door of 2020 and moving fast to 2050”

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2020 will be less than two months away in November. The Greener Shipping Summit 2019, under the all-embracing title:  “At the Door of 2020 and moving fast to 2050‚” will present and discuss the latest developments in the IMO regarding NOx, SOx, CO2 and PM emissions. The Summit will also look further down the road to decarbonisation, speed limits, emissions cap, emission trading systems and alternative fuels and methods of propulsion.

The Greener Shipping Summit 2019, under the auspices of MARTECMA, will be held on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at the Eugenides Foundation, Athens. 

Items to be looked at : 

*Energy saving devices and new technologies: Do they have value for money in the emissions reduction?

* Speed limits or emission limits? Pros and cons

* Goal based measures for emissions reduction

* Emission Trading Schemes (ETS)

* Developments in alternative fuels

* Ports infrastructure, including for cold ironing

* Virtual arrival

* IT solutions in performance monitoring

* Cyber Security

For people that will still be thinking that two months is too long an update on 2020 will be provided:

*Latest Status on Compliant Fuel

*HFO Availability

*Scrubber Operation Restrictions 

As in the previous Summits, we are confident this event will be well received, primarily because of the high caliber of the speakers and panelists assembled, the topic being on the table and the inter-active participation generated among attendees which always leads to lively discussion on key issues provoking considerable thought. Over 450 delegates from 15 countries and representing 252 companies and organisations attended the Greener Shipping Summit 2018 in November, 2018.

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Newsfront / Naftiliaki strongly believes that only with access to top quality information can shipping people keep up with the latest developments in our constantly moving industry and helping to achieve this, is the goal of this Summit. 


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