China to speed up development of emergency response robots


BEIJING, Jan. 5 (Xinhua) — China will accelerate efforts to produce a batch of sophisticated emergency response robots by 2025. These robots can be used for multiple purposes including search and rescue during emergency situations.

A guideline jointly issued by the Ministry of Emergency Management and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said the development and practical application of emergency response robot technologies will advance the modernization of emergency management systems and capabilities in China.

According to the guideline, emergency response robots are intelligent robots that perform tasks such as monitoring and early warning, search and rescue, communications command, logistics support, and other operations during situations such as disaster prevention, reduction and relief, and can partially or completely replace human work.

The major goal is to develop a batch of advanced emergency response robots that are more professional, refined and intelligent by 2025, according to the guideline.

Efforts will be particularly strengthened to develop emergency response robots for key purposes such as reconnaissance, life search, material support, fire extinguishing, high-risk operations, complex rescue, life channel opening, and communication support in response to situations including floods, fires, earthquakes and geological disasters, among others, according to the guideline. ■

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