PCT receives for yet another year the “True Leader” award by ICAP CRIF


PCT is included among the True Leaders of Greece, according to this year’s relevant ICAP CRIF list.

PCT (Piraeus Container Terminal) received another important distinction, during the ICAP CRIF TRUE LEADERS 2023 awards that took place on Tuesday, 19.12.2023, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Athens. ICAP CRIF, through the Business Award Institution “True Leaders”, rewards for the 13th year in Greece, 87 Companies and 8 Groups-among 80.000 companies that were examined- that have managed to stand out in Greece, based on objective criteria sourced via published data.

In more detail, PCT has met all four criteria established by the award institution including: profitability (EBITDA), staff growth, distinguished position in its industry, high ICAP CRIF Credit Score, and has been recognized as one of the best companies – leaders in the Greek market. Due to the company’s investment in human resources, PCT has created more than 2,500 direct employment opportunities, which makes PCT together with its subsidiaries among the largest employers in Greece and the Balkans. In total, PCT has allocated since 2011 over 600,000 euros to support educational and charitable institutions, non-profit organizations and vulnerable groups of the population in the wider area of Piraeus and local communities.

Captain Wang Jihang, Managing Director of PCT received the award from the President of the Administrative Board Council of the Society of Chief Executives of Business (EACE), Mr. Vassilis Rabat. Regarding this year’s award, Captain Wang Jihang commented: “The presence of PCT in the list of the leader companies of the Greek economy for the 8th consecutive year truly honors all of us at PCT and makes us very proud. Our recognition as a “True Leader” is the result of the harmonious and mutually beneficial cooperation with both our customers as well as shipping agencies, and the common vision combined with collective efforts of our people. At PCT we strategically invest in human resources, the local community, the Environment and sustainability, infrastructure and technology, because these are the very pillars on which a modern, attractive and competitive port is based upon. Our priority is to continue exceeding the expectations of our customers, providing high standard services with security, efficiency and immediate service as our key features. Today we have more than one reasons to be proud of the result that our joint efforts have brought to global trade and shipping over the past 13 years. A warm “Thank you” to all those who actively contributed to the success of PCT“. 

About PCT:
Piraeus Container Terminal, one of the leading container terminals in the Mediterranean region, is a company founded in Greece, and a fully controlled subsidiary of COSCO SHIPPING Ports Limited (a leading container terminal operator ranked second in the world). As of October 1st 2009, PCT S.A. has undertaken for 35 years the implementation of the Concession Agreement for Piers II and III, which, following an international tender process, PPA S.A. assigned to COSCO Pacific Limited (now COSCO SHIPPING Ports Limited), to which the tender was awarded. Main activities of PCT S.A. is the provision of loading/unloading and storage services for imported and exported containers moving through the Port of Piraeus, including cargoes that use Piraeus only as a transit station (transshipment cargoes). The strategic location of Piraeus , being the first European Port after Suez canal with direct connection to E.U road and rail network makes it not only an ideal port-hub for destinations in the Mediterranean and Black Sea, but a sustainable partner for all stakeholders of distribution and Logistics services in Europe Middle East and Africa.


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