25th Annual Capital Link Invest in Greece New York Forum


Forum Overview

An International Summit About Greece in New York

The “Capital Link Invest in Greece Forum” is an International Summit about Greece hosted in New York, organized in cooperation with the New York Stock Exchange, the Athens Stock Exchange and major global investment banks. It is the longest running investment forum about Greece abroad, engaged in a systematic effort to promote Greece as a business and investment destination to a global audience.

Our milestone 25th Annual Capital Link Invest in Greece Forum

The Annual Capital Link Invest in Greece Forum is the only one of its kind that, even during the economic crisis, played a critical role and contributed to the promotion of Greece as an investment destination, as well as the many opportunities it offers. With a 25-year track record, the Capital Link Invest in Greece Forum has now become an institution—one which all the key market players anticipate, attend, and support each year. Throughout the event’s years-long history, Greek and U.S. government officials have honored the Forum with their participation.

Greece Heralds a New Dawn of Investments and Entrepreneurship – Updates Discussed During the Forum

Favorable political developments (strong government, no political risk), combined with strong economic dynamics, the prospect of the Greek economy gaining investment grade status and attractive valuations, strengthen investors’ confidence in the Greek market. Positive catalysts coming, such as the recovery fund, increased private investment, a stronger financial sector and the advantageous position of specific sectors such as tourism and energy, the Greek economy is expected to maintain strong growth in the coming years.

The transformation of the investment climate in Greece in recent years, the emergence of traditional and new competitive advantages and the opportunities offered by our country are but some of the aspects of the new reality and potential in Greece today. It has become one of the leaders in growth rates in Europe, one of the countries that is at the forefront of both the green and the digital transition. It has done well despite the double choc brought by the energy pricing and interest rate increase. Greece, amidst a difficult geopolitical and macroeconomic outlook and the tightening of the European monetary policy, continues its course to modernization while drawing the roadmap of stability and trust pursuing an ambitious reform agenda that would ensure long-term growth for the country and a favorable environment for foreign investments.

In this context, the Forum will highlight the significant progress made so far and the potential ahead; the strong resilience and positive prospects of the Greek economy, given the forthcoming obtaining of the investment grade which is predicted to open the door to new inflows to the country’s assets, and to the Athens Stock Exchange. The Forum will showcase Greece’s competitive advantages and focus on business and investment opportunities across the major sectors of the economy, as well as the challenges facing the global economy today. The timing for this Forum is excellent.

Top Delegation of Government & Business Leaders Addressing the Who-Is-Who of Wall Street & Main Street

Every year, a delegation of senior government officials, led by the Prime Minister, and a group of private sector business leaders update a global audience on the reforms, developments and outlook of the Greek economy and each of the main sectors highlighting trends, challenges and opportunities. Furthermore, a group of international investors and financiers share their insight on Greece as a Business and Investment Destination.

With a 25-year track record, this Forum enjoys unique branding, acceptance and support by the US, Greek and Greek American business, investment and financial communities. 

One-on-one Meetings

In parallel to the main sessions, a series of one-on-one meetings are hosted between investors, the management of the participating companies and government officials, providing unique networking opportunities.

Who Should Attend

Management of Top U.S. Corporations with an active interest or involvement with Greece and The Greater Region · Institutional Investors in Greek Equities & Fixed Income Securities · Portfolio Managers & Analysts · Commercial and Investment Bankers · Financial Advisors and Brokers · Financial Media & Press.

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