Report from Lloyd’s Register on Implementing Autonomy and assuring Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a transformational technology that is beginning to have a significant impact on the world and maritime activities across the board, from vessel design and construction to intelligent automation of operations and autonomous vessels. It will allow maritime decision-makers to not only get ahead of the market but accelerate their digital transformation and meet the challenges of the upcoming energy transition 

Our new report, written by maritime innovation consultancy Thetius, talks about the adoption of autonomous technologies and AI in the maritime industry, the cost of investment for owners and operators, and discusses how its development and adoption will depend on the digital infrastructure and the connectivity solutions available.

Titled ‘Out of the Box’, the joint study assesses autonomy and assurance of artificial intelligence in the maritime industry, with both markets currently estimated to be worth a joint $3.7 billion in 2023, a 57% increase from 2022. The report explains why AI-driven systems and vessel autonomy market will be worth a combined $5bn by 2028 with significant growth and crossover of both sectors expected.

Concluding with key recommendations for the maritime industry, the report calls for clarity around normal and emergency use cases, pointing to the need for traditional assurance measures to become increasingly integrated.

Download the report here:



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