Interunity Group to Deploy ShipIn Systems’ FleetVision Across Full Fleet After Successful Pilot


Interunity Group, a Greek-based leading maritime service provider has announced the expansion of its partnership with ShipIn Systems following a highly successful pilot program. The collaboration between Interunity Group and ShipIn has demonstrated significant improvements in operational efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness, leading the Group to proceed with a full fleet deployment.

A key driver behind the decision was FleetVision’s ability to provide objective measures of vessel safety performance through easy-to-understand trend charts supported by visual and contextual data. These insights have empowered both onboard crew and shore management teams to implement improvements almost immediately. The pilot program, which was conducted over 4 months resulted in remarkable improvements in the Group’s fleet performance and overall operational excellence.

What further impressed Interunity was the dedication and expertise of ShipIn’s Customer Success team. With a strong maritime background, the team demonstrated a deep understanding of maritime operations, effectively addressing the fleet’s specific needs. Their support not only facilitated a seamless integration of FleetVision but also provided ongoing guidance, enhancing the value proposition for the entire Interunity Group of companies.

“We are delighted to expand our partnership with ShipIn after a successful pilot program. Since deploying FleetVision, we saw a significant improvement in safety performance. We achieved the milestone of zero lapses in compliance with our Group’s Navigational Policies, ensuring heightened safety standards for our operations,” said George G. Mangos, co-Principal at Interunity Group. “The insights provided by FleetVision are proving instrumental in optimizing our fleet operations and improving safety culture, and the support from their Customer Success team has been exceptional. Their deep understanding of maritime challenges and commitment to our success truly sets them apart.

We are thrilled to see Interunity expanding their partnership with us. At ShipIn, our mission has always been to provide innovative solutions that address the real-world challenges faced by maritime stakeholders. The success of FleetVision with Interunity’s fleet underscores the effectiveness of our approach and the dedication of our team to deliver value-driven solutions,” said Osher Perry, CEO & Founder at ShipIn Systems.

About Interunity Group
A ship management pioneer with a long and storied tradition in specialised gas, chemical, and product tankers, container ships, and MPP vessels, IMC is the founding pillar of the Interunity Group, a leading maritime service provider. Founded in 1982 and guided at all times by its values, IMC executes safe, efficient, and compliant operations for all of its vessels at all times.

IMC provides a complete suite of ship management services across the world, and has a peerless reputation for high quality technical management. Our laser-focused navigation, cargo handling, and safety standards deliver holistic excellence value for every ship under management.

IMC operates a culture of preventive maintenance, which minimises vessel OPEX and minimises downtime, with an on-hire efficiency ratio consistently exceeding 99.8% year after year. 

Since 2016, IMC has been selected by Shell Marine to co-chair the Shell Partners in Safety Conference.

About ShipIn Systems
ShipIn Systems is the world’s first FleetVision™ Platform, unlocking ship-to-shore collaboration for maritime fleets with visual analytics. ShipIn’s platform proactively alerts shipowners, managers, and seafarers to onboard events in real-time, reducing losses by 40% and increasing efficiency by 8%. Creating a digital bridge between ship and shore, ShipIn provides objective insights into navigation, security, cargo operations, and more. With all monitoring rolling up to an analytics dashboard, the platform makes it easy to benchmark performance, perform remote audits, and improve the operational ROI of your entire fleet.

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