Green Award Foundation partners with Black Rope to enhance safe and sustainable mooring


Green Award Foundation is delighted to welcome Black Rope, a leading global mooring solutions provider, as its newest Incentive Provider. This strategic partnership aims to promote safer and more environmentally friendly mooring practises in the maritime industry.

Black Rope, the winner of the prestigious 2023 Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Awards Safety Award, is renowned for its comprehensive range of mooring products and services. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility producing high-quality mooring ropes and a team of experts offering consultancy, inspection and training services, Black Rope is committed to maximising safety in mooring operations.

As part of this collaboration, Black Rope will offer exclusive discounts to Green Award certified ships on two of its innovative products:

1. SAFELINE Mooring Management & Monitoring Software: A cutting-edge digital solution designed to streamline mooring operations, enhance safety, and optimise performance.

2. ASB (Anti Snap Back) Ropes: Advanced mooring ropes engineered to minimise the risk of snap-back incidents, ensuring crew safety during mooring operations.

By leveraging Black Rope’s expertise and Green Award’s extensive network of certified ships, this partnership seeks to drive the adoption of best practises in mooring safety and sustainability across the global shipping community.

We are thrilled to join forces with Black Rope, a company that shares our unwavering commitment to safety and sustainability in the maritime industry,” said Jan Fransen, Executive Director of Green Award Foundation. “Through this partnership, we aim to provide our certified ships with access to innovative mooring solutions that not only enhance safety but also contribute to more efficient and environmentally friendly operations.

Co-Founders Mr. Christos Leoussis, Mr. Aristeidis Deligiannis and Capt. Vasilis Giannopoulos expressed their enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “Partnering with Green Award Foundation aligns perfectly with our core philosophy of promoting safe and sustainable mooring practises. We look forward to supporting Green Award certified ships with our cutting-edge products and services, working together to create a safer and greener future for the shipping industry.

With a strategic global network spanning major key-port areas, Black Rope is well-positioned to serve Green Award certified ships worldwide, ensuring they have access to the latest mooring technologies and expertise wherever their operations take them.

Green Award Incentive Providers

Green Award Incentive Providers are organisations that offer various benefits to ships certified by the Green Award Foundation. These benefits can include discounts on port dues, products, or services that enhance the environmental and safety performance of ships. By participating in the Green Award scheme, Incentive Providers not only support the highest quality shipping standards but also demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Currently, Green Award has over 200 Incentive Providers worldwide, ranging from ports and maritime service providers to equipment suppliers, classification societies and training institutions.

Green Award Foundation

For over 30 years, Green Award Foundation has been dedicated to promoting sustainable and safe shipping. It works with seagoing ship operators, inland navigation operators, ports, governments, suppliers and service providers on a non-profit basis. Green Award’s programme includes standard setting, audit/inspections, certification and rewards. Over 200 parties provide financial incentives / discounts to ships with a Green Award certificate. The Foundation started in 1994 for seagoing vessels and in 2011 opened to inland shipping. The organisation is governed by an independent board of respected industry professionals. Its operations align with 13 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and support Environmental, Societal and Governance policies on around 60 shipping related topics globally.

In addition to its global certification program covering environmental, safety, and quality management facets of ship operations, Green Award has extensive expertise specifically in sustainable ship waste handling having integrated these concerns from the outset of its founding. The organisation worked closely with the EU Commission over 2020-2021 providing extensive input during development of the new EU regulatory framework mandating waste fee discounts for sustainable ships under Directive 2019/883 and its 2022 implementing act defining required criteria.

Given alignment of Green Award’s existing certification criteria with stipulations in EU Regulation 2022/91, as well as decades of experience incentivising and verifying responsible ship waste management practices, Green Award was approved as an authorised independent auditor for ports needing to identify and report qualifying ships under the new EU waste discount schemes entering into force for 2024.

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