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ShipZERO28.5 is finally here! Join us in person at Canning Walk, Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore.

ShipZERO28.5 will address APAC region emissions challenges through the introduction of electrification and hydrogen solutions, taking a dee

Workshop Objective
Explore and define strategies for Singapore and the APAC region to achieve zero emissions in ports and vessels by 2045. Focusing on energy, infrastructure, and shipboard technology, the workshop will delve into Absolute Zero Emissions Solutions, from concept to application.

Session One: Challenges in Shipping Routes, Ports, and Vessel Types; Energy and Infrastructure Solutions.Session Two: Efficiency and Technology Solutions in Shipping.Session Three: Advanced Ship Systems Solutions.Session Four: Economic and Business Collaboration Models.

The format of the workshop will be expert presentations, moderated discussions, audience Q&A, and brainstorming sessions.

All presentations and discussions will focus on the predetermined challenges with the goal of delivering concrete action.

Why Attend?
Global Impact: Engage with top level international stakeholders to shape the course of shipping

Spearhead innovations in Zero Emission Ship Technology.Collaborative Engagement: Unite with maritime and energy experts for a multidisciplinary approach to challenges. Provide vital insights and recommendations influencing critical global discussions at the IMO & UNFCCC. Research and Development: Spearhead innovations in Zero Emission Ship Technology. Provide vital insights and recommendations influencing critical global discussions at the IMO & UNFCCC. Knowledge Sharing: Be part of vital discussions on the latest developments in zero-emission shipping. Advocacy and Policy Influence: Provide vital insights and recommendations influencing critical global discussions at the IMO & UNFCCC.

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ShipZERO28.5 Event Agenda

08:00 Registration
08:30 Welcome – Rules of Engagement
08:40 Keynote: “Why must we focus on Absolute ZERO Now?”
Session One:

09:00 Challenges: Ports, Routes, Vessel Types
Coffee/Tea and Snacks Break

Session Two:

10:25 Energy and Infrastructure Solutions
Infrastructure Brainstorming

Lunch and Networking

12:15 Infrastructure Brainstorming Outcomes and Discussion
12:45 Buffet Lunch / Networking
Session Three:

14:00 Vessels Efficiency / Technology Solutions
15:00 Ship Systems Solutions
Networking Tea Break with Nibbles

Session Four:

16:25 Roundtable – Economic/Business Collaboration Models
17:15 Collaboration Brainstorming
18:00 Collaboration Brainstorming Outcomes and Discussion
18:30 Chair’s Conclusions and Next Steps
18:45 Close of Workshop
🔍 Why Attend? This workshop is a unique opportunity to:

Gain insights from a powerful keynote on the urgent need for Absolute ZERO.
Engage in critical discussions on challenges and solutions across ports, routes, and vessel types.
Participate in brainstorming sessions focused on infrastructure and collaboration.
Network with peers over meals and tea breaks, fostering valuable connections.

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