American BC University Business and Theology Bestows Honorary Doctorate on Distinguished Maritime Leader Capt. Dimitris Matthaiou


Esteemed President Dr. Vijay Kumar and Vice President Dr. Dimitris Kamsaris Celebrate Award at a Prestigious Ceremony

In the plush surrounds of the Grande Bretagne hotel on April 19, 2024, American BC University honored Capt. Dimitris Matthaiou with an honorary doctorate. The award is a testament to Matthaiou’s extensive achievements in the maritime sector and beyond. The ceremony featured a who’s who of distinguished guests, including Dr. Vijay Kumar, the President of BC University Business and Theology and BCU UK Trust.

An Esteemed Gathering

Prominent figures from diverse realms including politics, academia, maritime, medicine, and the esteemed American-Greek organization, AHEPA, were in attendance to witness this prestigious event.

The ceremony’s attendees included:

●        American Senator Mr. Lou Raptakis

●        Mr. Pelagidis Theodoris, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Greece and former Minister of Finance

●        Mr. Jan Fransen, Executive Director of the Green Award Foundation

●        Mr. Hiotopoulos Ioannis, Senior Vice President & Regional Manager for Southeast Europe, Middle East, and Africa of DNV

●        Mr. Karapiperis Christos, Governor of AHEPA Greece

A Moment of Gratitude and Reflection

During his heartfelt speech, Capt. Matthaiou expressed profound gratitude to American BC University and articulated his belief in selfless generosity and inspirational leadership. Leaders, according to Matthaiou, are those who lift others and inspire them to find their own growth and fulfillment path.

Capt. Dimitris Matthaiou, CEO of two shipping companies, Arcadia Shipmanagement and Aegean Bulk, Chairman of the Green Award Foundation, Founder and President of the St’ Nicholas Business Club, Clinical Professor of the postgraduate program MSc in Shipping at the University of Piraeus, and also President of the Maritime Department of AHEPA, the Maritime Chapter HJ-45

Dr. Vijay Kumar’s Role in the Ceremony

The conferment of the honorary doctorate by Dr. Vijay Kumar, alongside Dr. Dimitris Kamsaris, was a testament to the value American BC University places on professional excellence and contributions to the community.

Inspirational Words from the Honoree

Capt. Matthaiou’s words echoed with the wisdom of a seasoned leader:

“Let us be bright lighthouses for entrepreneurship, maritime, social solidarity, and Greek heritage.»

He also reflected on some of the most significant achievements of his life, which have shaped his personality and led him to a successful career as a leader, and specifically mentioned:

‘There are moments in our life that condense within the essence of human existence and the values of a whole person’s journey. I am experiencing such a moment today, standing before you with the greatest honor and deepest gratitude, to receive this exceptional recognition, my conferment as an Honorary Doctorate by the esteemed American BC University.

My life’s journey has taught me that true fulfillment comes from lifting others up and sharing the journey of discovery. Let us continue to sail together, transforming challenges into opportunities and dreams into realities. Let each of us be a bright lighthouse for entrepreneurship, maritime, social solidarity, and Greek heritage, bringing change, hope, and excellence to our world.’

Later on, in his so-inspired speech Mr. Mattheou added: ‘Despite any difficulties and crises we face in our times, which seem to bend us momentarily, let us remember the line from our national poet, Dionysios Solomos, from his work ‘The Free Besieged’: ‘Your strength is the sea and my will is the rock.’ Let us draw willpower and mental strength from our values to perform our moral duty: to remain Human. Humans! With consciousness, responsibility, empathy, integrity, and principles. And let us remain Greeks! Greeks proud of our ancestry and roots, masters of ourselves and our homeland.

As a navigator of the oceans, businesses, and emotions, I am grateful for my personal Odyssey, constantly progressing towards a new Ithaca of happiness and fulfillment. Thank you for being part of my journey, and I wish you to be eternal travelers in people’s hearts!”


An Ongoing Voyage

Comparing his life to an odyssey, Capt. Matthaiou expressed his hope for continuous progress towards greater success and fulfillment, extending his gratitude to all those who have been part of his journey.

Please find attached the full transcript of Capt. Dimitrios Mattheou’s speech. ️

Experience the inspirational journey of Capt. Dimitris Matthaiou by watching the special video tribute here:

About American BC University of Business and Theology

American BC University is renowned for recognizing and celebrating professionals who have made significant contributions to their fields. By honoring Capt. Matthaiou, the university continues its tradition of acknowledging exceptional accomplishments that resonate with the core values of leadership and service to the community.

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