Underwater Services at Piraeus anchorage, Greece.


Our competitive advantages for the area of Piraeus.

The company BEVALDIA provides underwater services in the area of Piraeus with significant advantages without any doubt. Its international experience in underwater hull cleaning operations, allows it to perform hull cleaning with New Zealand standards. It enables it to issue reports suitable to submit to charterers, Port Authorities, ship owners, and other requirements that marine companies or charterers necessitate.

It is approved by all the IACS as well as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 certified by BV, and ISO 37001:2016 TÜV AUSTRIA.

It is trusted by a huge portfolio of customers; it can support underwater services in more than 25 countries in the world.

It follows all safety protocols, health safety policies, code of ethics, and anti-bribery policies, as well as confidential protection essential protocols which must be followed in all the operations of this level.

It can cover all the agency requirements for the vessels’ Port Call Entry to Piraeus.

It disposes highly experienced diving personnel, state-of-the-art hull cleaning equipment, and propeller polishing equipment, while all procedures are followed as per the ISO protocols.

Furthermore, our company provides and covers a wide range of dry services, such as cleaning above the waterline, repairs by welding, NDT inspections, vessel renaming services, etc…

We will be more than happy to provide our services from our diving station in Piraeus.

Kindly contact us for your inquiries

Tel.: (+30)2104001120, (+30)2104004470, (+30)2109582176
Email: info@bevaldia.com, Site: https://www.bevaldia.com

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