The Hellenic Chamber of Shipping guide to ESG reporting


Moore Greece is immensely proud to have worked alongside the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping in developing the Guide to ESG Reporting, specifically for its members. By implementing these ESG reporting guidelines, the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping aims to drive positive change in the maritime industry, enhance the industry’s reputation and access to funding, contribute to the long-term sustainability of the sector and encourage other shipping organizations globally to adopt similar reporting practices, fostering a culture of transparency and sustainability throughout the maritime industry.

Dr G. Pateras, President of the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping, announced that the Guide is made available to all members of the Chamber with the aim to “enhance the credibility of their ESG reporting, enabling stakeholders to gain a clear understanding of their efforts in environmental stewardship, social responsibility and corporate governance”. The President also expressed his ‘sincere appreciation to the dedicated team at Moore Greece who have contributed their time and expertise to the development of this guide’.

Costas Constantinou, Managing Partner at Moore Greece, and Global Maritime Leader of the Moore Network stated that ‘Moore Greece has been a trusted partner to the Greek shipping community for the past 60 years, proactively responding to needs of the industry for quality and transparency in reporting to their stakeholders, whether it is financial reporting or – in this case- ESG Reporting’.

Pinelopi Kassani, Governance Risk & Assurance partner at Moore Greece stated that ‘The guidelines will provide guidance on reporting methodologies, data collection, and verification processes to ensure the accuracy and reliability of reported information. By following these guidelines, companies will be able to provide reliable and comparable ESG data, thus improving their access to funding, cost of funding and overall competitiveness’.

Guide to ESG Reporting HCS:

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