Technomar Shipping pioneers digital reporting: SERTICA Vessel Reporting System goes live on 96 ships


Technomar Shipping has chosen SERTICA Vessel Reporting System (VRS)

Technomar Shipping and SERTICAIn the maritime industry, compliance with future regulations is becoming increasingly complex and time-consuming. For this reason, companies need to be forward thinking and plan how to face the challenges ahead. Technomar Shipping has chosen SERTICA Vessel Reporting System (VRS) as a single system to cover all reporting requirements.

Theodore Baltatzis, General Manager of Technomar Shipping, said: “We wish to consolidate all our reporting needs into one efficient, flexible and future-proof system. As a starting point, we are already using the standard EU MRV and IMO DCS reports in SERTICA, but we are planning to soon create our own customized reports in the platform to simplify reporting even more.

SERTICA VRS allows to easily monitor all key data and metrics from vessels in real-time through one platform. Shipowners can, therefore, identify potential issues and deviations early on and take corrective actions to improve operational performance. Traditional reporting systems have limitations in terms of flexibility and configuration options, as well as in automatic validation of data inputs. SERTICA VRS provides the freedom to add validations and sanity checks that improve data quality and eliminate errors while reducing the effort needed from the seafarers.

Theodore Baltatzis added “SERTICA VRS is developed by RINA, a company with a long-standing global presence and expertise, that provides the confidence that regulations are met, and calculations and validations are accurate. The support received from experienced professionals, such as naval architects and marine engineers, who understand the shipping world challenges, reporting needs, environmental-related surveys, audits, and documentation is an added value that cannot be easily found.

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