Red Sea attacks: ECSA welcomes European Parliament call for immediate EU action


“We are grateful for the support of the Parliament on the very concerning developments in the Red Sea. The attacks on ships put the safety and lives of our seafarers at risk. They also have a direct impact on imports and exports, and energy prices in Europe. We urgently need more concerted efforts at EU level to keep seafarers safe and trade routes secure. This is key for the security of the continent” said Sotiris Raptis, ECSA Secretary General.

Protecting key shipping routes and the international principle of freedom of navigation is essential to guarantee the energy, food and supply chain security of Europe. The Red Sea is a key route for European trade and our international connectivity. Disruptions of key services are reported in the Red Sea with a 96% drop in gas tankers transiting the Bab al-Mandab compared to December, and over 80% of container ships transiting between the Atlantic/Med and the Indian Ocean choosing to reroute.

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