LR, Zodiac, HD KSOE and KEPCO E&C ink nuclear propulsion JDP


Leading classification society, shipping company and shipyard in joint development project with nuclear engineering company for R&D of nuclear-propelled ships

Lloyd’s Register (LR) has joined forces with Zodiac Maritime, HD KSOE and KEPCO E&C in a joint development project for the research and development of nuclear-propelled ship designs, including bulk carriers and containerships, with the parties signing a MOU at Korea’s HD Hyundai Global R&D Center.

The move comes as the shipping industry looks more closely at nuclear as a future marine fuel in the context of the energy transition and decarbonisation targets. Under the JDP, HD KSOE and KEPCO E&C will provide designs for future vessels and its reactors while LR will assess rule requirements for safe operation and regulatory compliance models. The JDP partners will work to address the challenges involved with nuclear propulsion, such as applying existing terrestrial nuclear technology to ships, and the project will enable Zodiac to evaluate ship specifications and voyage considerations around nuclear technology.

In a joint statement, Mr. Park, Sang-Min: Senior Vice President (Green Energy Technology), HD KSOE and Mr. Park, Beom-Seo: Executive Senior Vice President and Member of the Board, KEPCO E&C said: As leading companies in the shipbuilding and nuclear industry, HD KSOE and KEPCO E&C, are collaborating on the design of a Nuclear propulsion ship. A Nuclear propulsion ship emits no carbon, and its paramount goal is to be designed with a life cycle cost (LCA) of less than half that of carbon neutral ships.

Sung-Gu Park, President North East Asia, LR said: “Lloyd’s Register believes there is huge opportunity for nuclear technology to support the maritime energy transition and provide long-term low- or zero-carbon fuel supply security. We have been assessing nuclear’s potential over many decades and we are delighted to partner with Zodiac, HD KSOE and KEPCO on this R&D project for nuclear-propelled ships.

Stavros Hatzigrigoris, New Buildings Director, Zodiac Maritime, said: “The shipping industry is on an exciting but challenging journey as we transition towards a zero-carbon future. There is clearly great potential for nuclear technology to play a key part in achieving this mission, but the industry is only in the early stages of putting nuclear power to the test. We are therefore thrilled to partner with HD KSOE, KEPCO and LR on this JDP and help facilitate the research and development needed to accelerate nuclear power technology in shipping.

About Zodiac Maritime
Zodiac Maritime is a UK-based shipping company that has built its strong name and reputation for reliability over 70 years in the industry.

Running our global operations from our London headquarters, our dedicated crew of over 6,500 and ship management services are coordinated from London and representative offices across Europe and Asia.

Operating a wide and diverse portfolio of vessels, our fleet spans virtually every vessel type from containerships, bulk carriers, PCTCs, LPG carriers and tankers.

As the industry continues towards a more sustainable, and ultimately zero-carbon future, we join the mission to find solutions to minimise the impact of shipping activity on the environment in which we operate. As the relevant technologies emerge to help the industry meet this goal, we are committed to implementing these practices across our fleet, reflected in our growing orderbook focused on dual fuel vessels.

KEPCO E&C was founded in 1975 with the goal of accomplishing self-reliance in power plant engineering technology, in the midst of two times of oil crises in the 1970s.

KEPCO E&C is a world-class company having the A/E (Architect Engineering) and NSSS (Nuclear Steam Supply System) Design technology, and developed Korean standard nuclear power plant OPR1000 (Optimized Power Reactor 1000) and APR1400 (Advanced Power Reactor 1400), the next generation nuclear power plant with international competitiveness.

In 2009, we participated in the bid to win a nuclear power plant project in Barakah, UAE for the first exportation of Korean-model nuclear power plant, and are performing A/E and NSSS Design. In addition, from 2016, we are participating in the engineering of a SMART nuclear power plant, which is a small to mid-sized nuclear power plant. In addition, we have our own marine SMR, ‘BANDI’, and we are making efforts to develop marine SMR technology as well as onshore SMR.

The competitiveness of KEPCO E&C is based on excellent manpower. Of more than 2,300 employees, over 730 have Master’s Degree or phD, and we have more than 1,000 engineers who have been certified by domestic or international agencies.

The power plants designed by the engineers of KEPCO E&C, which is being recognized for its world’s top technology, has been the foundation of energy independence and economic development of Korea, and we will now contribute to creating energy that will bring happiness to all mankind.

We launched HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering (KSOE) to control the group’s shipyards in June 2019.

Having transformed into a holding structure with HD KSOE at the center, the group’s shipbuilding and offshore sectors aim to grow into a technology-oriented, outstanding player on the global scene.

As the sub-holding company of the group’s shipbuilding and offshore business, HD KSOE will fulfill its pivotal role of presenting the sector’s mid- to long-term development direction and growth strategies, while also taking to the next level the group’s technological competitiveness in the shipbuilding and offshore industry as a leading company specialized in R&D and engineering.

All entities under the umbrella of HD KSOE will strive to defend our title as the world’s No. 1 by continuing to focus on technology development, quality improvement as well as sales, design, and production, powered by our superior production capabilities and excellent human resources.

Please support us as we begin this new exciting journey.

About Lloyd’s Register
Trusted maritime advisers, partnering with clients to drive performance across the ocean economy.

Lloyd’s Register (LR) is a global professional services group specialising in marine engineering and technology. Created more than 260 years ago as the world’s first marine classification society, to improve and set standards for the safety of ships.

Today we are a leading provider of classification and compliance services to the marine and offshore industries, helping our clients design, construct and operate their assets to accepted levels of safety and environmental compliance.

We also provide advice, support and solutions on fleet performance and optimisation, voyage optimisation, enhancing our clients’ digital capability. Our digital solutions are relied upon by more than 20,000 vessels.

In the race to zero emissions, our research, technical expertise and industry-firsts are supporting a safe, sustainable maritime energy transition.

Lloyd’s Register Group is wholly owned by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation, a politically and financially independent global charity that promotes safety and education.

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