Look to the Stars: Louis Cruises Launches a new brand: Celestyal Cruises


Today’s travelers want an authentic experience when they travel. They want unique destinations and a true taste of the culture, gastronomy and history of a place. And, as modern life becomes more hectic, they want a travel experience that dissolves their cares from the moment they depart. They want a temporary home in the stars…

Since 2013, Louis Cruises has kept this idea at the forefront of its efforts, particularly with the inauguration of the “Kalimera!” experience. . Throughout the 2013 season we gave our passengers the best of the Aegean’s “Iconic” destinations, such as Mykonos, Patmos, Rhodes and Santorini, along with revised bar and restaurant menus, new themed programs, peerless onboard entertainment and personalized service that defines Greek hospitality. Thousands of Louis passengers are saying “Kalimera!” to the real Greek experience in 2014 with itineraries that take them to nine new “Idyllic” Aegean destinations, undiscovered gems such as Chios, Ios, Kos, Milos, Samos, Symi, Syros and the “Turkish Riviera” ports of Bodrum and Cesme.

“Kalimera!” is more than a greeting – it’s a promise, and we’re bolstering our commitment with even more outstanding Greek food and wine, and with themed programs that take our passengers deeper into the archaeology, gastronomy, history and music of Greece. In 2015 we’ll continue to build on the promise of “Kalimera!” when we sail to incredible new ports of call in the Ionian and Adriatic seas and along the Dalmatian coast.

In September 2014 we will give a name to this promise: Celestyal Cruises. Celestyal stems from celestial,” which means “pertaining to the stars” and “heavenly” or “divine.”By launching Celestyal, we are expanding the Louis Cruises portfolio thereby reflecting the divine, real Greek experience that one enjoys when sailing with us. We’ve also chosen this name to honor our ancestors, the Ancient Greeks, who were among the first peoples to use celestial navigation – by the third century BC; Greek mariners were using the Little Bear to navigate their ships.

This fall, say “Kalimera!” to Celestyal Cruises. Say “Kalimera!” to the real Greek experience.


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