Greek and Chinese shipyards seek ways of cooperation


According to AMNA, Zhao expressed his company΄s interest in cooperating with Greek shipyards and suppliers and noted the high demand among Chinese groups for specialised staff with the necessary high-level expertise in the shipbuilding and repair sector, as well as the shipping sector in general.

Michalos stressed that Greek shipping industry professionals were held in high esteem worldwide and agreed that the shipbuilding sector was one with strong prospects for Greek-Chinese cooperation. He noted that Greek ship owners were among the most important clients of Chinese shipyards, with more than 200 Greek-owned ship currently under construction in China.

In light of this, Michalos proposed two additional methods for promoting bilateral cooperation, including the exploitation of financing offered by Chinese financial institutions to Greek ship owners for work carried out not exclusively in China but also in Greek shipyards and also a Greek proposal to add a specialised Memorandum of Cooperation to the existing legal framework relating to Chinese shipyards and Greek suppliers of naval equipment.
Source: AMNA

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