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Global Maritime Sector:
Today / 2030 / 2050
Overview of the current market situation in the maritime sector;
Fresh overview of the implementation process of IMO regulations;
Enforcement of the existing regulations;
Update on the maritime policies in Europe;
Forecast 2030/2050;
Regional, national and international environmental projects and initiatives: best practices;

Getting To Zero Emissions
Greenhouse gas regulations – where are we headed?;
LNG as a marine fuel;
Fuel prices: future forecast;
Alternative fuels;
Combination of fuels;
Green transition in ports and implementation of the bunker fuels of tomorrow;
Ship propulsion power – how to supply the consumption?;
Power of collaboration.

Smart, Efficient And Compliant Ship
Focus on scrubbers;
Effective propulsion technologies;
BWTS: Getting closer to 2024;
MRV and DCS and the decarbonization journey;
Solutions for effective fleet performance management;
General maintenance, cleaning and disinfection solutions;
Ensuring safety at the sea.

Cybership: Improve Vessels With The Latest Technology
Autonomous and remotely operated ships;
Maritime simulators;
Latest electronics, IT, AI, cyber security solutions;
Implementation of blockchain technology in maritime.

Safety And Wellbeing Of The Crew
Mental health matters – what’s your strategy?;
Safety of the crew – latest trends and biggerst issues;
Crew training – latest methods and technologies in this field.

Ship Design / Build / Retrofit / Repair
Latest innovations in shipbuilding sector;
Ship design of the future;
Improvements in hull design;
Ensuring safe and timely supplies: spare parts, provision, etc.;
Retrofitting, repairing and recycling a ship;

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