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Keep an eye on the Weekly NEWS for details of the 2024 edition of THE must-attend event for Members. We hope to announce the venue soon but in the meantime block out w/c 20 May in your calendars.

Provisional Schedule (TBC)
Monday 20 May

Executive Committee Dinner
(Committee Members and invited guests only)
Tuesday 21 May

Executive Committee Meeting
(Committee Members and invited guests only)
Council and Committee Social Dinner
(Council Members, Committee Members, Panel chairmen, and respective spouses)
Wednesday 22 May

Council Meeting
(Council Members, Committee and Panel Chairmen and invited guests only)
Annual General Meeting and Council Reporting Items
(All registered participants)
Members’ Dinner
(All registered participants, their spouses and invited guests)
Thursday 23 May

Tanker Summit
(All registered participants)
Session 1:
Geopolitical Risk – the impact of geopolitics on supply chains
The world is facing a period of significant instability characterised by regional conflicts, border disputes, political polarisation, and shifts in economic power. Tanker shipping finds itself at the epicenter of many of these challenges, serving both as a target for terrorist activities and as a tool for the implementation of inter-Governmental financial, political and environmental policies power play.

The session will look at how the industry is managing maritime security in the Southern Red Sea, increasing transit passage restrictions from Suez to Panama, the transition from fossil fuels, how transport infrastructure is changing under political pressure and how finance is shifting away from unsustainable economic activities and the transportation of fossil fuels. The session will also consider the impacts of Russian sanctions and the shadow fleet, examining the risk of the shadow fleet to the quality tanker industry and the questions around using tankers as enforcement mechanisms for trade sanctions.

Session 2:
Energy policies and securing supply chains
How States will develop energy policies designed to secure future energy supplies will be examined in session 2.  Government representatives and energy producers will provide insight into State energy policies and offer views on future supply and demand trends alongside the need to secure tanker fleets.

The global supply of green fuels such as green ammonia and methanol is at the forefront of discussions on sustainable energy and the transition towards cleaner power sources. Questions surround the development, distribution, and utilization of these fuels, reflecting both the potential and the challenges of shifting away from fossil fuels.

Looking at green fuels, the session will delve into production capacity and scalability, renewable energy sourcing, the need for infrastructure and investment, how the regulatory and policy framework can support a transition, the evolving market for green fuels in shipping and the role of the tanker industry in distribution.

Session 3:
Future Ships (Future Tankers)
Session 3 is about The Opportunity – what newly emerging cargoes, such as LC02, the tanker of tomorrow will carry. The session will look at how the industry is evolving to embrace innovative finance, design, technology, fuels and the human skills needed to operate future tankers. How owners, yards and cargo owners are collaborating on energy-saving devices and green fuels to achieve lower carbon emissions.

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