Brave Maritime Corp. takes delivery of gas newbuilds and acquires additional bulkers


Brave maritime corp. has taken delivery of four new state of the art 40,000 cbm AMMONIA carries from Hyundai shipyard in south Korea!(eco merlin / eco wizard/ eco oracle/ eco sorcerer). The vessels represent the new generation of gas carriers with super-efficient engines and comprise all the latest environmental features! According to vessels values, these ships were ordered for 46mill apiece and now are worth in excess of 70mill each , a very astute move from Nicholas Vafias!!! In addition the group has on order 3 more new generation gas carriers, one more 40k cbm sistership in HMD for q1 2024 and two more 11k cbm vessels under construction in Japan one to be delivered in 2025 and one in 2026!

Over the last 18 months Brave maritime has acquired an astonishing 32 ships comprising of 7 lpg nb’s, 10 tankers (4 suezmax, 1 aframax and 5 product tankers) and 15 bulkers (8 capes, 1 supramax,2 kamsarmax and 3 handies)!!! Unreported were the two kamsarmaxes the ECO CZAR and ECO SIKOUSIS built both in oshima japan 2009 and 2008 respectively! According to brokers reports these were bought for region 31m enbloc!! After the recent acqusitions and vessel deliveries the group comprises of 91 vessels, 40 gas carriers, 25 bulkers and 26 tankers both crude and clean!

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