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Thursday, 19 January 2023 01:15

KR and SIRM launch cyber security e-learning training

Korean Register (KR) has launched maritime cyber security officer e-learning training in conjunction with maritime technology company SIRM Italia. The training will be delivered to Oltremare, a company in Assarmatori National Shipping Association which provides training to its members.

The new course covers administrative security and cyber risk assessment as well as understanding and practice of maritime cyber security. The course is designed for ship officers who are required to undertake cyber security related audits and surveys.

LEE Hyungchul, KR Chairman & CEO, said:

With so many computer-based systems onboard, ships are vulnerable to cyber risk. Therefore, comprehensive cyber security preparedness is now essential for any maritime industry. This e-learning training allows superintendents and crews at all levels to continue their training, to understand and take actions to manage cyber security risk. We will provide quality training to European customers, starting with providing this cyber security e-learning training to OLTREMARE.

Claudio Aleandri, CEO /COO of SIRM Italia said:

With rapid advancement in technology, shifting cyber threat landscape and increased digitalization, organizations are exposed to greater cybersecurity risks that may potentially have an adverse impact to their business objectives. It is imperative to prioritize and plan defenses to avert those risks effectively. Organizations should be able to identify 'what could go wrong' and determine the levels of cybersecurity risk that they are exposed to, developing adequate assessment and adapting ICT infrastructure. Improving an internal cyber risk awareness culture, through dedicated training, is the strategic approach to protect the organizations and facilitate their governance.

KR has long-established expertise in this area, and developed its cyber security technical and certification services in line with international security standards including ISO 27001, IEC 62443, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, IMO and BIMCO cyber security guidelines. Also, KR has provided cyber security technical and certification services for companies and ships since 2018, and cyber security type approval services for equipment or system installed on ships in compliance with IEC 62443 4-2 and IEC 61162-460 standards since 2019.

The online training course can be found at (

Korean Register

Korean Register (KR) was established in 1960 with the purpose of promoting safety of life, property and the protection of the marine environment. KR currently classes an international fleet of 3,093 vessels totaling 80 million GT. It is headquartered in Busan, South Korea with a network of 66 offices around the world. KR is authorized to perform statutory and certification services in 81 countries around the world.

SIRM Italia

SIRM Italia S.r.l. - @hya holding company - is one of the leading companies in the supply, management and maintenance of electronic equipment on board ships (merchant, military and yacht) and in the provision of advanced services for Telecommunications and Digital Transformation of business processes through IT solutions, Cloud and IoT. SIRM Italia is positioned on the market as an independent supplier, thanks to the consolidated relationships with the main producers and international operators in the sector, to always offer the best solution to meet the needs of the customer in relation to the type of ship and operational needs. In this context, another aspect which characterizes the company, is the particular attention shown over the years to the training sector both internally and towards maritime personnel.


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